Friday, April 20, 2012

OEM Auto Computers and Warranties

In Dealing With  Used and Rebuilt Auto Computers, We’re Always Asking Ourselves:

“Will I Get A Warranty On This - or “Does This Product Even Come With A Warranty?”.  And, this is exactly what you should be asking, when you buy anything that you want to have, for a long time.

When You Purchase A Computer - You Get A 30 Day Warranty.

We know you will be keeping computer this for a very, very long and as a result:

Your Computer Is Eligible For:

“5 Year Warranty” for an additional $50

“Lifetime Warranty” for an additional $100 - Which is good for as long as you own your computer. (*this warranty is NON-transferable).

At Auto Module Source, we know that you want to save money and get a great product, that is protected. We are here to take care of all of your computer needs and provide you with impeccable service.

Call Us.  We Can Show You How To Save Money & Produce Great Results!